Certified Boom Inspection
**This is too all our loyal and new customers THANK YOU so much for supporting our company , without you all this would not be possible. **

  WELCOME to Certified Boom Inspection,LLC or CBI , webpage. If you have the time check out our gallery of repairs to view some of the work we are involved in repairing concrete booms. All photo's have been altered to not represent where and who the company is. We strive to keep all our work confidential and private.

 The Mission of CBI is to provide a level of service geared towards our customers, with flexibility of our schedule to fit yours. If we can we will drop everything and be at your doorstep A.S.A.P. when the event arises. We are just a simple phone call away from helping you out with a repair or a boom inspection. Any boom emergencies IE: broken boom will be handled first over any other work scheduled if you are a regular customer we deal with yearly, any others will be handled case by case.
Thank you for visiting CBI ,have a wonderful day !